Handcrafted Yoga & Pilates Mat Bags

Beautifully hand-crafted mat bags and eye pillows that are locally made in the KZN Midlands using authentic South African Shweshwe (100% cotton). The vibrant Shweshwe colours and designs are sewn together to create unique and Proudly SA mat bags and eye pillows, with an emphasis on quality and attention to detail. A colourful selection of designs and patterns are combined to suit all ages & personalities.

Yoga Mat Bags

Eye Pillows


Eye Pillow Details: R65.00 each

The outer pillow case is made from 100% SA cotton Shweshwe fabric and is designed to be removable and washable (cold wash, warm iron, do not bleach/tumble dry/ dry clean.)

The inner pillow is made from 100% cotton seed cloth and is filled with natural flaxseed which has been lightly scented with pure lavender essence oil. The inner pillow should not be washed.

Eye pillows are placed over your eyes while you are lying on your back and are commonly used during restorative yoga, meditation, shavasana and yoga nidra.  They are known for supporting relaxation and calming the mind, as well as reducing visual distractions.

Eye pillows are said to balance our nervous system and stimulate our vagus nerve which triggers deep relaxation.  Eye pillows are also very effective for insomnia and for reducing anxiety.

FreeFly eye pillows are approx. 10cm W x23cm L and weigh approx. 200g.  They are a perfect accessory to your yoga practice and fit easily into FreeFly mat bags.