Free Fly Handcrafted Yoga & Pilates Mat Bags 100% Shweshwe Cotton authentic South African Shweshwe unique vibrant colours Full length zipper & Handle Handcrafted Variety of colours feminine and masculine mat bags

Handcrafted Yoga & Pilates Mat Bags

Beautifully hand-crafted mat bags and eye pillows that are locally made in the KZN Midlands using authentic South African Shweshwe (100% cotton). The vibrant Shweshwe colours and designs are sewn together to create unique and Proudly SA mat bags and eye pillows, with an emphasis on quality and attention to detail. A colourful selection of geometric patterns, florals, whirls, spots and swirls are combined to suit all ages & personalities.

Yoga Mat Bags

Eye Pillows


Eye Pillow Details: R65.00 each
Inner: 100% cotton inner pillow (filled with flaxseed / buckwheat)
Shell: 100% cotton Shweshwe removable outer cover
Dimensions: 25cm x 10cm, weighs approx. 200g