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As a young farm girl, I fell in love with the original blue and brown Shweshwe fabrics that the Basotho ladies wore.

I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to combine my creative passion for sewing with my growing passion for yoga. I found that carrying my yoga mat around and unrolling itself really frustrated me. I decided to make a practical bag for my yoga mat that was easy to carry and kept it clean and ready for the next class.  The Shweshwe colours and designs of my childhood memories were rejuvenated by the modern vibrant colourful ranges of the Shweshwe that I sew with today.  

In keeping with my passion for supporting local businesses and all things South African – each mat bag has a handmade toggle on the main zip of the bag.  These colourful african-animal themed toggles are made by the ladies of Zamangipha Creations.  Zamangipha Creations is an organization which supports 50+ crafters from the Winterton and Pietermartizburg rural communities by providing an income for these ladies to support their families.  Your purchase of a FreeFly mat bag contributes to the support of their livelihoods.


Butterflies are known across the world as powerful symbols of change, endurance and transformation.

The transformation of the caterpillar into the beautiful butterfly is a pure miracle of nature. Exercise in any form has the ability to transform our bodies and our minds. 

May you know many hours of happiness and peace on your mats, and may your mats travel well in your vibrant and colourful FreeFly mat bags.

“I only ask to be free. The butterflies are free.” Charles Dickens